Prism Kite Technology

Prism is dedicated to putting the magic of flight at your fingertips wherever you go. Pick up a kite and let us lift your spirit into the sky.

Flight is the ultimate escape. There are times when we welcome the pull of gravity anchoring our feet to the earth. But take a kite in your hands, send it skyward to feel the connection with the wind’s subtle currents and you become a different being. Stress, deadlines and the work-a-day world melt away, leaving you with peace and perspective you can only find in the sky.

Prism was founded in 1992 by a couple of guys who fell in love with the wind. We started off making high-tech, dual-line stunt kites when the sport was young. We brought space age materials such as graphite composites, Spectra and Kevlar to an ancient art - and along the way we redefined a pastime for the fanatical few who shared our passion. As the sport grew, so did we, and today Prism is recognized worldwide as the gold standard in kite design and technology.
While stunt kites will always remain close to our hearts and provide us with our most technical design challenges, these days we work to bring flight to the more casual user as well, whether you’re looking for the perfect single liner for a family outing, the challenge of ripping up the sky with a stunt kite, or the exhilaration and heart-pumping thrill of a power kite.